Do I get to choose my own room?

Once you have accepted your offer you'll have the chance to select your room preferences. We always do our best to place you where you have requested

Can I share a room with my friend?

Yes! If you have a friend you want to share with you'll both need to write this on your room allocation forms

What do I need to bring?

We have a handy list of what to bring here

Is it far to Kelburn campus?

Kelburn campus is a 10 minute drive, or 40 minute walk. We run a shuttle to all three campuses throughout the day and there are several bus lines that run to campus and town

Do I have to pay for parking at the hall?

We don't charge for parking at the hall!

Am I allowed to bring a tv screen?

Yes! You can bring a screen with you for personal use.

What happens if I get covid at the hall?

You can stay at the hall to isolate, or return home if you can arrange to be picked up. If you're isolating at the hall we will provide you with an isolation pack, our team will bring you meals and check in with you throughout the day over your week of isolation. A bathroom in your area will become an isolation bathroom that you will be required to use this while you isolate.

Can I stay in my room during mid-trimester break or other holidays?

Yes, your room is yours to come and go for the duration of your residential agreement

Do you have storage for bikes and large sports gear?

We have a secure bike shed lock up. We also have a lockable garage for large items. Both can be leased for a small fee.

Can I live at Helen Lowry if I'm under 18?

You can move in if you're 17 years old. You'll be placed on an alcohol free floor.

Do you have gender specific floors?

Yes, you'll have the option to choose a gender specific area when you list your room preferences

Do you cater for dietary requirements?

We can cater to your dietary requirements including; vegan, vegetarian, halal, gluten free, dairy free.

When do I find out my room type?

You'll find out your room allocation on move in day

What do I have to do if I've received a scholarship?

If you have received a scholarship- congratulations! Residents who receive scholarships must still choose a payment option from the three options available. Scholarships are usually paid directly to Helen Lowry to be put towards payments- you will be informed if the scholarship will come to you directly or go straight towards your board. Residents must inform the hall team if they have received a scholarship and ensure the remainder of their board payment is paid by the due date.

Do I need to pay to use the gym?

The gym is included in your board payment. You can request a key from the office team any time after you've moved in

Can I self-cater if I live in a block?

No, you must be living in a house with a kitchen to be self-catered

Can residents who do not reside in my house use my kitchen?

No, kitchen use is reserved only for those in the house

How do payments work?

Check out our fees and payments page here