What's included

Your board includes; internet, power, pastoral care services, washing and drying, shuttle, parking, cleaning. For fully catered students, board also includes all meals, 24 hour access to tea, coffee and toast making facilities. For self catered students, your board includes all of the above barring catering. 

Payment options

We have a number of payment options for paying for board. The 2023 academic year residential contract runs for 37 weeks.  All first payments are due before the resident moves in.

The residential contract at Helen Lowry is between the Hall and the resident, not between the Hall and parents or guardians. This means invoices and reminders for payment will be sent directly to the resident, not parents or guardians. It is the resident's responsibility to ensure invoices are forwarded if necessary and the account payer is aware of the payment deadlines. 

Annual Payment

Full and upfront payment for the full 37 weeks. Includes a 3% discount. 

Due by: 9 February 2023

Trimester Payments

Full and upfront payment for each trimester. 37 weeks split into two payments.

Due by: 9 February and 29 June 2023

Monthly Payments

The 37 weeks of board are split into nine invoices. The first invoice covers 5 weeks, followed by  eight invoices for four weeks at a time 

For this option, the resident requires a financial guarantor based in New Zealand

Due by: 9 February, 9 March, 6 April, 4 May, 1 June, 29 June,  27 July, 24 August, 21 September 2023 

Late payments incur a $100 late fee per month

Credit card payments incur an additional 3% surcharge per payment

International transfers incur an additional surcharge per payment

International Students

International students must choose either the annual or trimester payment option


A deposit of $620 must be paid to secure your place at Helen Lowry Hall. This is due in line with your offer acceptance deadline. The $620 is made up of;

$250 bond (refundable)

$120 administration fee (non-refundable)

$250 student activities and events fee (non-refundable)

2024 Room prices

Block rooms- Fully Catered

Regular single


Large single


Twin share


House rooms

Fully catered rates

Large single


Twin share


Triple share


Self-catered rates

Large single


Twin share


Triple share